Ritch Mueller represented the deal manager and initial purchaser in the issuance of debt instruments by independent vehicles, specially created by GICSA, for an aggregate amount of MXN$14,000 million represented by (a) the Senior A-1 Notes (USD$100 million); (b) the Senior A-2 Notes (MXN$7,200million); (c) the Senior A-2 Notes (MXN$600million); and (d) the Junior Notes ($2,310,000,000). Such issuances were made by two trusts that consolidate the flows and ownership of nine projects which as of this date are, directly or indirectly, owned by GICSA. The aforementioned projects consist of Forum Culiacán, Torre Esmeralda III, Masaryk 111, City Walk, Fórum Cuernavaca, Explanada Puebla, Paseo Querétaro, La Isla Mérida y Explanada Pachuca.

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